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About this shop
Shop name:YOMS
Service: Sale purchase of used books and consignments, publishing of papers
Shop: No physical retail store ( Mainly online. Sometimes peddling, or opened on our house.)
Items for sale
- used books(written in Japanese)
- old clothes
- other used items
- consignments
- original items
Items for purchase
- used books(written in Japanese)
Other activity
- publishing prints
Currency: yen(JPY)
Specified Commercial Transactions Law Notice
Shopkeeper Madoka Saito
4-28-3-202 Zenpukuji, Sugimani, Tokyo
Phone: 080-6591-1026
Mail: tao.kuroinu@gmail.com
Operation supervisor Madoka Saito
Required other than item prices
- Displayed price includes carriage.
- Extra carriage is needed for oversea shipping.
Bank remitting charges
- Shinsei bank - free (from Japan)
- Please bear in case of from other banks.
- Bank remitting charges is not needed when our purchasing.
Purchasing by mail: Our purchasing price (minus half of postage) is paid after we recieve an item by cash on delivery.
Period of payment
in Japan
- Postal transfer forms is sent with merchandise.
(Advance payment is needed for oversea, or merchandise of over 5000 JPY. After confirming payment, we send merchandise soon.)
Order way
Online transaction by shopping cart and mail.
Delivery term
Same day - end of the week we received order
Ways of payment
In Japan
- Mailing postal transfer forms.
- Bank transfer, postal transfer, cash on delivery, registered mail
- Bank transfer (Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, SBI Sumishin Net Bank, Shinsei bank)
About Return and exchange
We don't accept any return or exchange, because of characteristic of used book.
Please contact us in 8 days from arrive if clearly defective or our wrong. Merchandise may be returned or exchanged if there is stock (we bear postage).
Logo design
Yuhei saito
translated by Tetsu Kayama